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Roof Repairs in Douglasville, GA

At Doug's Revisions we follow simple protocols in repairing or replacing your roof. During your initial phone call to 770 757-3789, we gather information and schedule your initial estimate. Then, as quick as we can, we send an inspection team to assess the damage to your home. There are many ways hail and other storms can damage your home, including shattered windows, dents, and even tree branches or entire trees falling onto or into your house.

The tricky part comes when we have to involve your insurance company. You will make a call to your agent to schedule your second inspection, receive your second estimate, and find out how much your insurance can and is willing to pay. From then on it's simply a matter of staying in touch with your agent, speaking as often as you feel necessary.

Shortly after the insurance company's inspection an adjuster comes into the picture: he will give yet another estimate, this being the final one you will receive. Once this estimate comes in, the final word has been given, and you will find out exactly how much of the cost will be covered.

After this we will repair or replace your roof, bill the insurance company, and you will have no more worries!

Roof Leaks, Replacements & Repairs in Douglasville


Will my insurance cover the cost of repairs?

Insurance companies are often difficult and quicker to hold onto their money than to lend it out to people in need. We have been dealing with them for more than 20 years, and know what they will ask and how to answer. We understand the ins and outs of roof damage repair, and will provide all the information accurately and in an expedient manner.

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