How to Deal with Storm Damage 

Our storm damage repair services include:

·          Roof damage

·          Hail damage repair

·          Gutter Repair

·          Tornado damage

·          Lightning damage

·          Window damage

·          Fallen tree

·          Debris damage

·          Water damage

·          Wind damage repair… and more

Taking action immediately after a storm damage home is possibly the first thing a person should do. It is only proper to repair the damage quickly in order to avoid a secondary damage and probably ruin the rest of your home. And the best thing to do when your home needs a repair as soon as possible is getting a contractor (Doug's Revisions) and have them assess the work needed.

The contractor homeowners choose to hire in repairing a tornado damage is also an important factor. Even though many companies deal with different storm damage issues are honest and does a good job, a part in the industry called “storm chasers” that sometimes visit storm-ridden areas knocking on doors unsolicited and looking for work. Unfortunately, these kind of companies often target homeowners in need of immediate help and ask for cash up front, then do sloppy work before disappearing to the next customer.

Before hiring any company for the repairs on a roof damage or any damage for that matter, be sure to check the company’s history, get the contract in writing and never pay in full up front and in cash. Keep in mind that when a storm hits, the best companies are usually the busiest. And even if they can’t immediately make the necessary repairs, they will address urgent problems to prevent further damage.

 It would also be ideal to ask the contractor how much the repairs would cost so that you can financially prepare for the process. It is also advisable to find ways to make the process more cost-efficient in order to avoid unnecessary spending.

Homeowners who experience flooding must make sure that their home is safe before trying to assess or address the issue themselves. Homeowners can immediately do the necessary steps to minimize the damage once the contractor addressed the safety issues.

It is not ideal to hesitate when hiring a contractor after a storm damage home. Because it is a fact that not all the professionals can attend to the local demand. Homeowners that already have a working relationship with a contractor will probably fair best and be first on the list. Even if that doesn’t happen, the availability of materials for all the repairs may cause problems until the major suppliers gain an understanding of what materials needed in a specific location. Even though these things may pose as a problem, Doug's Revisions will definitely help every step of the way.


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